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Acts of faith, compiled in shut organization with Jacques Derrida, brings jointly for the 1st time a couple of Derrida's writings on faith and questions of religion and their relation to philosophy and political tradition. The essays speak about non secular texts from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions, in addition to spiritual thinkers akin to Kant, Levinas, and Gershom Scholem, and contain items spanning Derrida's occupation. the gathering contains new essays via Derrida that seem right here for the 1st time in any language, in addition to a considerable advent through Gil Anidjar that explores Derrida's go back to his personal "religious" origins and his makes an attempt to convey to mild hidden spiritual dimensions of the social, cultural, ancient, and political.

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To this we shall return. ( 1 9) In its most abstract form, then, the aporia within which we are struggling would perhaps be the following: is revealability ( Offenbarkeit) more originary than revela­ tion (Offenbarung), and hence independent of all religion? Independent in the struc- The Latin (even Roman) word used by Levinas, for example in Du sam� au saint [ From the Sacred (Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1 977) is, to be sure, only the translation of a Hebrew word 9 . Cf , for example, M. e not 'prophets' in the Judaeo-Christian sense of the word.

In this context two points deserve consideration: first, the distinction proposed by Levinas between the sacred and the holy; we shall do that elsewhere; sec �ndly, the necessity for these two heterogeneous sources of religion to mingle . ) (33) We met, thus, at Capri, we Europeans, assigned to languages (Italian, Spanish, German, French) in which the same word, religion, should mean, or so we thought, t e sa�e thing. As for the trustworthiness of this word, we shared our presupposi­ tI�� WIth B �nveniste.

Are they the same thing? What of the divinity of God? How many mean­ ings can one give to theion? Is this a good way to pose the question? (28) Religion? In the singular? ) behind the new "wars of religion:' behind what presents itself under the name of religion, beyond what defends or attacks in its name, kills, kills itself or kills one another and for that invokes declared stakes, or in other words, names indemnity in the light of day. But inversely, if what is thus happening to us, as we said, often (but not always) assumes the figures of evil and of the worst in the unprecedented forms of an atrocious "war of religions:' the latter in turn does not always speak its name.

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