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Whilst, if ever, is one justified in accepting the premises of an issue? what's the right criterion of premise acceptability? delivering a accomplished idea of premise acceptability, this booklet solutions those questions from an epistemological strategy that the writer calls "common feel foundationalism". His paintings might be of curiosity to experts in casual good judgment, serious considering and argumentation thought in addition to to a broader variety of philosophers and people educating rhetoric.

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The initiating burden of proof is not incumbent on the prosecution because of some proffered evidence. Rather the rules of legal procedure assign it to the prosecution outright. Evidential burdens of proof become incumbent on defense and prosecution given evidence presented. As there is an initial burden to show guilt, so there is an initial presumption of innocence. Not all burdens of proof then are evidential and not all presumptions come by inferential rules from previously accepted premises.

A statement is acceptable if and only if there is a presumption in its favor. But when is there a presumption for a statement? Under what circumstances does this occur and how may these circumstances be recognized? Developing answers to these questions is the burden of the rest of this book. Spelling out exactly what this project involves is our task in the next chapter. 2 Acceptability and Presumption At the end of the last chapter, we framed the following proposal: A statement is acceptable just when there is a presumption in its favor.

An actual answer would connect the notion of acceptability with some systematic 18 Acceptability explication of inductive probability. This schema then has the obvious problem that it ties progress in understanding acceptability with progress in inductive logic, a notoriously thorny area. But even beyond this drawback, are there further problems with this approach? I believe there are. Skyrms points out, “Exactly how inductive logic gets us epistemic probabilities from a stock of knowledge depends on how we characterize a stock of knowledge” (1986, p.

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