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Download PDF by John P. Dourley: A strategy for a loss of faith: Jung's proposal

By John P. Dourley

ISBN-10: 0919123570

ISBN-13: 9780919123571

E-book through Dourley, John P.

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At the heart of his father's suffering was his removal from the divine energy of the psyche through its projection beyond the psyche, uprooting him from his groundedness in God as a sus- Page 29 taining inner power. The gospel or "good news" thus read becomes a blueprint for depression. Jung's critique of Biblical imagery insisting on a deity beyond the psyche forces contemporary spirituality to ask if there is the possibility of a nonpathologizing Biblical spirituality. If there is such a possibility in the canon of Christian wisdom, it would rest in the recovery of that slender gnostic content which evaded exclusion from the canon and continues to point to the reality of humanity's natural divinity and its sustaining, balancing vitalities.

7Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p. 8. , pp. 48-52. , p. 50. See also p. 90 where Jung associates his mother's psyche with pagan, in distinction from Christian, sensitivities. 10 "A Psychological Approach to the Dogma of the Trinity," Psychology and Religion, CW 11, par. 170. Page 12 would point to a pathology derived from his father's removal by his religion itself from the vital energies of the unconscious. From Jung's mature perspective the numinous power of the unconscious creates religious experience, and institutionalized religion, based on these experiences, serves and mediates them.

The purpose of this is progressively to ground us in our essential being and mythology as the personal foundation from which to deal with the potentially pathologizing collective mythologies into which we may be born. This perspective would be fully aware that the deepest meaning of suffering in one's own life is the resolution of that side of the divine self-contradiction that can only find resolution there. This revamped cosmology also would affirm that the Self, which first establishes and then seeks the resolution of whatever form of suffering becomes the ground theme of an individual life, is the power of God engaging us in a process in which God is healed in the healing of human suffering.

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