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A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages by Henry Charles Lea PDF

By Henry Charles Lea

ISBN-10: 1108014844

ISBN-13: 9781108014847

This accomplished three-volume historical past of the medieval Inquisition via the influential American pupil Henry Charles Lea, first released in 1888, was once firmly in accordance with fundamental resources, and followed a rationalist procedure that departed from the pious tone of past histories of the center ages.

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R I. III. 573)—Archives Nat. de France J. 430, No. —Guill. Pod. Laur. c. —Peyrat, Hist, des Albigeois, I. —Harduin. VII. —D'Achery Spicileg. III. —Potthast No. —Epistt. Sseculi XIII. T. I. No. 577 (Mon. Germ. —Matt. Paris ann. 1234, p. —Vaissette, III. —Hist. Diplom. Frid. II. T. IV. pp. 485, 799-802. TROUBLES AT TOULOUSE. 17 might avert the most deplorable consequences. Thus far, although perhaps somewhat lacking in alacrity of persecution, no serious charges could be laid against him. His officials, his baillis and viguiers, had responded to all appeals of the inquisitors and had lent the aid of the secular arm in seizing heretics, in burning them, and in confiscating their property.

1244 c. 19. II—3 34 LANGUEDOC. That a whole vicinage, when it had timely notice, should bind itself in a league to defeat the purpose of the inquisitors, as at Castelnaudary, must have been a frequent experience; that, sooner or later, despair should bring about a catastrophe like that of Avignonet was inevitable. Montsegur for years had been the Mount Tabor of the Oathari —the place of refuge in which, as its name implies, they could feel secure when safety could be hoped for nowhere else. It had been destroyed, but early in the century Raymond de Pereille had rebuilt it, and for forty years he held it as an asylum for heretics, whom he defended to the utmost of his ability.

They halted in the forest of Gaiac, near Avignonet, where food was brought them, and they were joined by about thirty armed men of the vicinage, who waited with them till after nightfall. Had this plot failed, d'Alfaro had arranged another for an ambuscade on the road to Castelnaudary, and the fact that so extensive a conspiracy could be organized on the spot, without finding a traitor to betray it, shows how general was the hate that had been earned by the cruel work of the Inquisition. Not less significant is the fact that on their return to Montsegur the murderers were hospitably entertained at the Chateau de Saint-Felix by a priest who was cognizant of their bloody deed.

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A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages by Henry Charles Lea

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