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Get A Historical Commentary on Polybius, Vol. 1: Commentary on PDF

By Frank W. Walbank

ISBN-10: 0198141521

ISBN-13: 9780198141525

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Hal. iii. 67. 5). 4 xxxix. 1, retailing Cato's witticism in reply to Postumius' attempt to excuse his Greek. Cicero (pr. Acad. ii. 137) on the contrary calls him 'doctum sane hominem, ut indicat ipsius historia scripta graece'. 5 Ziegler, op. , col. 1562. Mioni (122) suggests that one of these authors was P. Cornelius Scipio, the son of Africanus Maior, the author of 'historia quaedam Graeca scripta dulcissime' (Cic. Brut. 77); but nothing is known of its contents, though Graeca historia can mean 'history written in Greek' (cf.

9 On the other hand, the very magnitude of his task perhaps renders the universal historian more liable to the occasional factual slip or misstatement; if this should unfortunately happen, it is excusable,10 and such errors should be treated, not with the bitterness and virulence displayed by Timaeus in his attacks on Ephorus, Theopompus, and Aristotle,11 but with the kind of charitable good nature which led Polybius himself to write to Zeno pointing out his errors χάριν τῆς κοινῆς ὠφελείας12— unfortunately after the book was already published and so too late for Zeno to correct them.

99. 9 ἐκ τῆς τύχης. 7 Similarly, in iv. 3. µατον, since the home authorities did not foresee the relations between Dorimachus and the brigands; and in v. 34. 2 Ptolemy IV contrasts his own action in ridding himself of domestic dangers with the help given him δι? χην in the deaths of his two rivals, Antigonus and Seleucus, abroad. Here the concept of synchronism (see below, n. 2) also comes in. Hannibal's attack on Rome foundered (ix. 6. ν τι κα? οις; by a pure coincidence an abnormally large number of troops happened to be present at Rome and could be led out against the enemy.

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