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Download PDF by : A Guide to a Proper Buddhist Funeral

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And how high honour to departed ones is done And how the bhikkhus can be given strength as well. And how great merit can be stored away by you.  R Buddhism beliefs and practices in Sri Lanka, Lynn De Silva,  Facing Death & Finding Hope, Christine Longaker, Arrow,  Final Gifts, Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelly, Bantam, April . H. Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, Bangkok,  How a Theravadin Buddhist Chinese Funeral may be conducted, Venerable Suvanno, Sukhi Hotu Sdn Bhd,  Loving and Dying, Visuddhācāra, Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre,  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche, Rider,  Beliefs and Practices among Malaysian Chinese Buddhists, Tan Teik Beng, Buddhist Missionary Society,   D O M May we rejoice in the merits of this Dhamma Dana and attain the bliss of Nibbana.

Even if they do not offer anything, there is still wholesomeness in appreciating other people’s good deeds. In this way we are doing our bit in helping other people develop wholesomeness.  N The most important aspect in a Buddhist funeral rite is the offerings of dana to the Maha Sangha and the subsequent transference of merit. The Buddha conÞrmed that the dedication of merits resulting from a wholesome deed to the departed next-of-kin, who might have been reborn in an unfortunate state, is the true and effectual way of helping them overcome their defects and later gain a good rebirth.

The king gave rice gruel and both hard and soft food and dedicated these actions. All at once, the petas had food to eat and their faculties were refreshed. The king gave robes and lodging and dedicated these actions. Instantly, the petas were richly adorned and they had wellfurnished palaces to live in. The king was extremely delighted by what he did and saw the effects.  C  B    Beings are called peta because they are stationed far from happiness. Peta = pa + ita; lit, departed beings, or (those) absolutely devoid of happiness.

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A Guide to a Proper Buddhist Funeral

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