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A grammar of epic Sanskrit by Thomas Oberlies PDF

By Thomas Oberlies

ISBN-10: 3110144484

ISBN-13: 9783110144482

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of info. either texts nonetheless are of an important value in India and different nations. due to this, a grammar describing all of the diversified features of epic Sanskrit has been neglected in the past. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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Participle <,It 9,1): (nom. ) \'ad(ltyo�. 10 - 32,3. socafya�, si,�$atya�, AS IV 1 7,22 AS m 36,3. - ( 25) 'secondary' roots (.... ' "dOli (..... /nind (..... ]») - (2 6 ) J 51 person of the indo instead of the subjunctive ( ". 2. 1 2 datilImi, AS Vll . 1 5,7 (­ dodani, SSS XV 20: 1 9 1 . 1 7), hanta ... upadhOvlin/i. VI1 1 6,3 (­ upadhifvilni. 1 1), kif!! bravimi, ChU VI 7,26 - (27) the use oflhe genitive instead orlhc dative (.... 6 " It will nOI fail to be observed that a lot of the 'aberrant' ronns of Epic Sanskrit have precursors in Vedic Sanskrit.

7). For characteristic features of Epic Sanskrit see AiGr.. Inlroductioll gillemle p. 91 n. 343, SEN (1951152), BURROW (1955: 52), RENou (1956: 104-107). 17-32), id. (1982) and id. (1998: 82-98 I 345-361). BROCKINGTON ( 1984: XXXI - Introduction - Tbe Epic language presents itself as a mixture of correct and incorrect fonns, always met with side by side, within one and the same stanza. Decisive for tbe use of grammatically incorrect fOnTls is - in the overwhelming majority of cases - their position within the p i ida.

III § 59aB (p. 1 l6-I l 7) and § 60aa rem. (p. 1 19-120) respectively. , • , 00 these haplologJcs orease-endings see OBERUES (1997: 34) and id. (2002). See EDGERTON ( 1943/44: 2). This word, which is almos! invariably used as the las! word of even sloka p6das in the Mahiibharata. is not 10 be found in the Ramaya\la, as was already observed by HOPKINS ( 1 893a: (42) and id. (1 90 1 : 68 n. [2] J 8 1 1 204 with n. I). 20b, Seftigocc/wnlu cx"(lnda/a� t- -). 73d, iriyaf!! ). \. (Iri. -). -). ht! -).

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