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Download PDF by Malcolm M. Willcock: A Companion to The Iliad

By Malcolm M. Willcock

ISBN-10: 0226898555

ISBN-13: 9780226898551

People who are in a position to learn Homer in Greek have considerable recourse to commentaries, however the overwhelming majority who learn the Iliad in translation haven't been so good served—the many to be had translations include few, if any, notes. For those readers, Malcolm M. Willcock offers a line-by-line statement that explains the various genuine info, mythological allusions, and Homeric conventions pupil or normal reader couldn't be anticipated to deliver to an preliminary come upon with the Iliad.

The notes, which consistently relate to specific traces within the textual content, have as their best goal the straightforward, real clarification of items the green reader will be not going to have at his or her command (What is a hecatomb? who's Atreus' son?). moment, they improve an appreciation of the Iliad by means of illuminating epic sort, Homer's equipment of composition, the constitution of the paintings, and the characterization of the foremost heroes. The "Homeric Question," in regards to the beginning and authorship of the Iliad, can be discussed.

Professor Willcock's remark is predicated on Richmond Lattimore's translation—regarded through many because the amazing translation of the current generation—but it can be used profitably with different types to boot. This sincerely written statement, which include a great decide on bibliography, will make one of many touchstones of Western literature available to a much broader viewers.

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Item fere Diogenian. 23. 1-2 cum 3 coniunxit Bergk 1 έχων έν στήθεσι θνμόν Antig. 2 έφαρμόζων vel -ζον Ath. codd. των κεν κατά Schweighâuser: ων και vel κε Ath. codd. codd. χροιήι West: χώρα codd. 3 άλλοίος Bergk: -ον 9 * Schol. (D) II. 126 Τυδεύς ό ΟΊνέως έν τώι θηβαϊκώι πολέμωι υπό Μελανίππον τού Αστακού έτρώθη, Άμφιάρεως δε κτείνας τον ΝΙελάνιππον την κεφαλήν εκόμισεν. και άνοίζας αυτήν 6 Ύυδεύς τον έγκέφαλον έρρόφει άπο θυμού. Αθηνά δέ, κομίζουσα Τυδεί άθανασίαν, ίδούσα το μίασμα άπεστράφη αύτον.

36 INTRODUCTION Severyns, Albert. Le cycle épique dans l'école d'Aristarque. Liège and Paris, 1928. Welcker, F. G. Der epische Cyclus, oder die homerischen Dichter. Bonn, i 1865, i i 1849. 2 Theban Cycle Bethe, Erich. Thebanische Heldenlieder. Leipzig, 1891. Robert, Carl. Oidipus. Geschichte eines poetischen Stoffs im griechischen Altertum. Berlin, 1915. Trojan Cycle Bethe, Erich. Homer. Dichtung und Sage. Zweiter Band: Odyssee. Kyklos. Zeitbestimmung. Leipzig and Berlin, 1922. Griffin, Jasper.

There are many hexameter fragments on papyrus that do not show clear signs of late composition and might i n theory be from archaic epic. But in view of the limited currency that the early epics had in later times, the chances are not high, and their subject matter is generally doubtful. There would have been little advantage i n including them in the present volume. 4 7 It is also Hesiod fr. 280 Merkelbach-West. 35 SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY Editions Kinkel, Gottfried. Epicorum Graecorum Fragmenta. Leipzig, 1877.

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