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7th Sea Villain's Kit - download pdf or read online

By Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

The Villain's package contains Footprint Island, The Powder Keg, find out how to construct the proper Villain, 4 new motion maps, and sixteen NPC head pictures, plus a crusade development sheet.

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Extra info for 7th Sea Villain's Kit

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Most have been developed above, but GMs are encouraged to create and enhance some of their own patrons as they see fit. Below is a short list of people that have taken a shine to the Powder Keg who are left for you to embellish. Not all of them should be regular in your campaign. That could get monotonous. Those that do show, however, should be there every third trip or so. Luis Velez, Old Church Scholar Every night, one minute after the Church bells ring, an old man armed with a large tome makes his way into the Powder Keg.

Me llamo Ricardo. ¿Donde está el camino? ¿Quieres algo de tomar? No tengo tiempo para ti. Cuando tengo tiempo, venga aqui. Mis vacas son muy tristes. Piso mojado. Ahora. Action Maps On pages 50 through 59 there are seven action maps that GMs can use to enhance combat and game play. We recommend that you photocopy the pages out of the book and use them for combat and role-playing situations where the action and location of Heroes is important. 33 7th Sea Eisen Eisen is a guttural, ulating language.

GMs may wish to consider making Luger a Vendel named Bjørn or Hadris to fit the locale and increase his usefulness in this country. After all, even if Gillian doesn’t like the League she may have to make a few “necessary” contacts. Adding the angle of the ever-present Vendel League, GMs can incorporate a host of greedy merchants and their greedy subplots into the Heroes’ lives. Most will have to be very quiet about what they do here, however. 31 7th Sea Hero had better be going twice before the Brutes if he doesn’t want all six men attacking him next phase.

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7th Sea Villain's Kit by Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

by James

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