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Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry's 3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development PDF

By Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry

ISBN-10: 1556229119

ISBN-13: 9781556229114

3D Math Primer for photos and online game improvement covers primary 3D math options which are specifically important for desktop online game builders and programmers. The authors speak about the mathematical concept intimately after which give you the geometric interpretation essential to make 3D math intuitive. operating C++ sessions illustrate easy methods to positioned the strategies into perform, and workouts on the finish of every bankruptcy support toughen the recommendations. This publication explains uncomplicated thoughts similar to vectors, coordinate areas, matrices, ameliorations, Euler angles, homogenous coordinates, geometric primitives, intersection exams, and triangle meshes; discusses orientation in 3D, together with thorough assurance of quaternions and a comparability of the benefits and downsides of other illustration options; describes operating C++ sessions for mathematical and geometric entities and several other assorted matrix periods, every one adapted to express geometric projects; contains whole derivations for all of the primitive transformation matrices.
Alt. ISBN:9781556229114, 1556229119, 9781556229114

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It is divided into twelve main sections. 1 discusses the difference between the information found in a linear algebra textbook and the information applicable for geometrical operations. 2 discusses some notational conventions we will use in this book to make the data type of variables clear. 3 introduces a special vector known as the zero vector and discusses some of its important properties. 4 defines vector negation. 5 describes how to compute the magnitude of a vector. 6 describes how a scalar may be multiplied by a vector.

11 discusses a second type of vector product, the cross product. 12 presents a list of vector algebra identities. In Chapter 4, we discussed what vectors are geometrically and mentioned that the term vector has a precise definition in mathematics. This chapter describes in detail the mathematical operations we perform on vectors. For each operation, we will first define the mathematical rules for performing the operation and then describe the geometric interpretations of the operation. 1 Linear Algebra vs.

3 Vectors vs. Points Recall that a “point” has a location, but no real size or thickness. In this chapter, we have learned how a “vector” has magnitude and direction, but no position. So “points” and “vectors” have different purposes, conceptually. A “point” specifies a position, and a “vector” specifies a displacement. 3) showing how 2D vectors are specified. It seems that there is a strong relationship between points and vectors. In this section, we’ll examine this important relationship. 6: Locating points vs.

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3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development by Fletcher Dunn, Ian Parberry

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